Authorities report that the investigation of a Wyoming man reported missing in July remains open, but to date, there has been no resolution to the case. If youre not familiar with this case, Baylee and Banks are Chances wife and son. We just ask anybody to send any information., Bayle said the T-shirt Englebert was wearing the night he disappeared was grayish purple; had, like, streaks of gray in it.. Theres been a few different variations of that story that have been reported as far as different people involved, different circumstances, all of which we look into and some continue to look into. Eads said. Now, if you are able to do this exercise properly, you will place yourself in the shoes of the accused. According to Chance's mother, Chance does not use emojis very often, and she believes that the text may have been sent from someone other than Chance. I just want people somebody knows. As investigators continue their examination into the disappearance of a Moorcroft man in 2019, a growing number of private investigators -- including one former legislator -- are turning their attention to the case of Chance Englebert. Nothing on his phone after 9 or 8, nothing, Engleberts mother said. Saving money at the pump doesnt just mean knowingwhereto fill up it also helps to knowwhento fill up. Amanda Waldron, a private investigator with the national nonprofit organization We Help the Missing who is working with Engleberts family, has compiled a list of men who have gone missing in Nebraska during 2019 and 2020. He would have been found. Most of us have not, but I can assure you that people DO NOT act normal when under the pressure of losing a loved one AND at the same time, have what seems like the entire community CONSPIRING to CONVICT you. Id say Chance was born and raised for that kind of weather, Miller said. DiSanto has visited Gering to retrace Engleberts steps that night and said shes working with a group of residents who are well acquainted with the case and the many rumors that continue to circulate. The more she learned about Englebert, the more compelled she felt to help Dawn bring her son home. If chance somehow found out that day his wife was stepping out that would explain SOOIOO MUCH. The last text message from his phone was sent just after 9 p.m. that day and contained an incomprehensible jumble of numbers and emojis, according to his mom Dawn, who questions whether someone else had his phone as he never used the symbols in his messages. The guy could cover country. 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Gering Police Officer Shawn West visits the Walmart in Casper, and reviews over 6 hours of surveillance video. Why arent the police actively searching for this young man? | Walked Away and Disappeared Ep. People in the community need to take what theyve heard to the proper authorities, she said. According to this witness, Chance is walking North towards Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Chance became upset and decided to take a walk to cool off, which Baylee indicated Chance would do from time to time. The last time she spoke with him, she said, he hung up. Lead investigator weighs in | NewsNation Prime Watch on Family speaks at press briefing for search for missing Moorcroft, Wyoming man Chance Englebert Watch on For months after Chances disappearance, there were reports of possible sightings of him in Wyoming and Nebraska, including a possible interaction with a woman at a Walmart in Casper, Wyoming. Jason Rogers, who called Dawn to ask her if her family was being represented by the same lawyer, which is how she found out that Baylee had hired legal counsel. You act strangely in front of media cameras as they throw questions at you. During this conversation, Chance tells his wife that he is walking south. His last known (location) was in close proximity to the river.. You are afraid. Around 9:00 pm the night of Chance's disappearance, the weather turns for the worst as a thunderstorm sweeps through the area. In October 2021, a human arm bone was discovered near the North Platte River in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, which authorities originally thought could belong to Chance Englebert. Fox says disease is getting tougher, These were the deadliest national parks of 2022, List of most expensive ZIP codes released, These are the cheapest days of the week to buy gas, Gold Medal flour recalled over salmonella, On the road again: Country icon Willie Nelson, now 90, hard at work, Most millennials living paycheck to paycheck: Report, Robbers with assault rifles hold up Tennessee bank, video shows, Woman shot, killed parrot during fight with husband: Police, 'White Lotus' effect: Destinations to avoid this summer, Chad Daybell didnt want autopsy performed on wife, Serial killer John Arthur Getreu gets 2nd life sentence, Hutchinson: Pressure Mexico to go after cartels, More Black kids diagnosed with autism; why it's a good thing, They cant afford Florida so retirees are headed to Alabama, Ex-acting ICE head doubts effectiveness of processing centers, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The Nebraska DNA lab is currently testing DNA taken from the bone marrow. GERING, Neb. Background Chance Englebert was born on December 3, 1993 and grew up on his family's ranch in Burdock, South Dakota. 8:46 pm:Last time anyone hears from Chance. True. Reports state that the remains have been confirmed to be a human arm bone, and law enforcement also collected a piece of cloth from the area. 7:30 pm:Chance and his wife have an argument. There have been a lot of rumors and accusations on social media towards all members of the family, but I can only speak to the ones that involve law enforcement as I cant speak for them.. These Assumptions and accusations are NOT HELPFUL to this case as long as they are not fact or witness based. He was a married father and was in the process of changing careers. One theory that his team has heard from multiple sources is that Chances disappearance could be the result of a robbery gone wrong. We later learn that Chance is also in contact with friends, whom he tells that he is walking north, in a ditch towards Torrington, Wyoming. He would have been able to handle whatever mother nature threw at him. DiSanto said Baylee once did agree to be interviewed, but later canceled their appointment. Have YOU ever been accused of murdering your spouse? DiSanto knocked on Baylees door and filmed outside the home while Baylee called the police, claiming DiSanto was endangering her young son. Weve put hours and hours and hours down there walking river bottoms and I dont think hes in a river. Although I dont find any of them fit the profile similar to Chance, Waldron said. Chance Leslie Englebert was a 25-year-old husband and father who had recently taken a new job in Moorcroft, Wyoming, before he disappeared from a family gathering on July 6, 2019. And we were in the middle of the Fourth of July party at my house, so there was just no way I could make it., Give us five, 10 minutes, Miller said. Miller believes there are people who know what happened to Englebert. He just had a light. What if you KNEW the person you were talking crap about? [Parkinsons] banging on the door Im not going to lie, its getting hard. It almost reminds me of watching pundits pick who is going to win a game of sports or something Virtually everyone has picked a side on this and may have a suprise because WHEN ALL OF THEM PICK ONE, THE UNDERDOG USUALLY WINS. 90. r/TrueCrimeMystery. He was looking forward to a new job at a propane company in Moorcroft, Wyoming, where the couple lived. While walking, Chance Englebert called his best friend and best man, Matt Miller. He also says the FBI has assisted with portions of the investigation. This is not a rumor. He would have walked down this way., In addition to the river, Terry Lake is another body of water in which they think Englebert might be found.Chance walked down the road right here in front of this body of water, Waldron said. Lead investigator weighs in, Missing: Chance Englebert vanishes in a tiny Nebraska town, Radio: Chance Englebert vanishes in a tiny Nebraska town, Bone found in Nebraska likely not that of missing Moorcroft man, Former Legislator, Private Investigators Tracking Case of Missing Moorcroft Man | Cowboy State Daily, Bone Found Near Scottsbluff Not Believed to Belong to Chance Englebert, Still No Answers in the Disappearance of a Local Man, Still no leads, in Englebert disappearance a year later, More People Come Forward With Info About Missing Moorcroft Man, Melbeta man setting up goose blind finds human arm bone near North Platte River, Attempts continue to identify human arm bone found by hunter near North Platte River, Police issue new photo of missing Wyoming man on date of his disappearance, Authorities search North Platte, along Highway 92 for missing Wyoming man, Police continue to follow tips as Wyoming man Chance Englebert remains missing, Searches for missing Wyoming man planned to resume Wednesday; 16 agencies involvedr, As Chance Englebert remains missing, family issues plea to public for help, Moorcroft mans disappearance remains a mystery nearly two years later, Moorcroft Man Remains Missing After Weekend Search, A Walk to Remember Chance Englebert set for tonight, Community Members in the panhandle are walking to support the search for a missing man, Community Members in the panhandle are walking to support the se - RIVER COUNTRY - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA, The Mysterious Disappearance Of Chance Englebert, UNSOLVED: The Disappearance of Chance Englebert, CHANCE ENGLEBERT HAS BEEN MISSING SINCE 2019, MISSING Chance Englebert Last Known Locations | Vanished With The Storm. Officer West is unable to confirm whether this sighting is credible. They have raised more than $17,000 in reward money.People need to know. During a 2019 July Fourth trip to visit family in Baylees hometown of Gering, Nebraska, Engelbert vanished. He didnt this time. Someone innocent is protecting someone guilty, and it would be in their best interest to come forward.. Id say Chance was born and raised for that kind of weather, Miller said. He always comes back. Why are so many young men missing?? However, officials are still waiting for conclusive DNA evidence to definitely rule out a possible connection between the bone and Chance Englebert, who has been missing for more than two years. Surveillance footage obtained by NewsNation shows Englebert walking through Gering around 7:50 p.m. the night he left Baylee in the car. Baylee speaks to Chance for the last time, Last confirmed physical sighting of Chance, A strange text is sent from Chance's phone, Chance is seen for the last time on Means, yeah the car maybe, if you think she ran him down and dumped him in the river; because at her size there is no way she could have overpowered her cowboy and then been able to effectively pull off the perfect murder by hiding ALL evidence. Beverly Hills 90210 may be the most famous ZIP code in the country thanks to the 1990s TV show but its actually not the priciest. Another rumor he said he hears often is that Baylee lawyered up early after her husbands disappearance. All of their properties have been searched by law enforcement.. He confirmed that tips continue to come in and are investigated and it remains an active case. Thank you for your comment Lori. New leads and information about what happened the night a Moorcroft man went missing more than two years have been coming in, according to a private investigator who recently picked up the case. She had a son to provide for, Eads said. Despite a massive search involving 17 agencies, drones, divers, cadaver dogs and hundreds of volunteers on foot, horseback and ATVs as well as several searches led by friends over the past two years between Gering and Torrington Englebert remains missing. Eads also believes the bone likely does not belong to Englebert, but said investigators are waiting for conclusive DNA confirmation before ruling it out. Let me be clear: Our border is not open and will not be open after May 11, Mayorkas said. 7:49 pm:Last confirmed physical sighting of Chance. Chance Englebert's wife, Baylee, wants me cited for stopping at their house! Could she have done it? The juniors rode in an M3A1 Stuart tank to prom. On that list are the names of more than 25 men who have been reported missing from various cities throughout Nebraska, with most missing from the Omaha area. Id suggest people need to get ahead of this before criminal charges start happening as we get closer to getting answers, she said Monday. According to the Chief of police, both Air Link and Nebraska State Police helicopters covered a combined 380 miles of air-searches, and K9s were used to search around 10 different local lakes and ponds, as well as the river. Random crimes are few and far between. His family and community need him home, she said. That's right, a tank. In 2018, he married Baylee and they had a baby boy, whom they named "Banks." Their future was bright. One post on social media asked something to the effect of Why does there have to be so much drama every time Matt wants to set up a search? Why has THAT not been pursued, and if it has been did it have anything to do with the immediate drug bust AT the SAME house that the LAST Video of Chance came from? Beverly Hills 90210 may be the most famous ZIP code in the country thanks to the 1990s TV show but its actually not the priciest. The juniors rode in an M3A1 Stuart tank to prom. Eads says they are looking into the robbery theory. Brian Eads, lead investigator on the case, said they have enlisted outside investigators and canine teams, they have executed search warrants and conducted polygraph tests and are continuing to chase down leads. NCJ Number 103702 Its getting tougher, he said. What if the community started accusing YOU of murder? When she picked him up and drove to her grandparents house instead, he got out of the car and started walking. Somebody had to have seen something and know something, his mother said. An hour later, Chance was caught on video walking by himself. Take a look at what happened after I stopped at Chance's house, the police tell me what I am being cited for. The cases is considered active and Eads said the police continue to get tips and follow every lead. GERING, NEBRASKA: It has been over three years since Chance Englebert's family heard from him. I hope its a stranger. Some witnesses have tried to come forward with information, but they were met with resistance or were simply ignored. These reports stated that someone resembling Chance was seen walking and attempting to hitchhike along I-25 in Casper. Lets do a little mental exercise. Beverly Hills 90210 may be the most famous ZIP code in the country thanks to the 1990s TV show but its actually not the priciest. No similarities except for the lack of answers. This tower shows his phone pinging for the last time roughly 2-3 miles south or southeast of the tower. . Its still one of the theories, Eads said. On July 6, 2019, while in Gering, Nebraska, Chance walked off after getting into a disagreement with his wife's family. 25 year old Chance Englebert was last seen in Gering, Nebraska on July 6, 2019. After that text, according to the local sheriff, Engleberts phone went dark. His phone pinged for the last time near . The disappearance has divided Engleberts and Baylees family and friends. Police followed the lead and reviewed six hours of video footage from the Walmart store, but they were unable to confirm the sighting. Does that apply to both sides of the family? The night he disappeared, Chance was last seen in surveillance video around 10 pm walking past local businesses near the intersection of Terry Boulevard and Stable Club Road in Terrytown, Nebraska. Your family has to hire an attorney for their protection after accusations start flying like manure out of a new spreader. Baylee hired an attorney to protect herself but never invoked her 5th Amendment rights (or) refused to answer questions, he said in an email to Cowboy State Daily. Hundreds of additional tips have revealed nothing substantive, including a rumor that one of Baylees family friends might have been involved after it was reported the friend had just poured fresh concrete. You say things, you do things and some of those things dont come out right. 529 talking about this. I can look at different facts of the case and how he was as a person and essentially drive myself crazy with what could have happened or what did happen, she said. She picked him up and drove them to her grandparents house in Gering. There will never be closure. The bone had initially been sent to the University of Nebraska crime lab for a DNA analysis, but due to the age and condition of the waterlogged bone, the lab was unable to complete testing, Scotts Bluff County Sheriff Mark Overman told Cowboy State Daily in January. Sign-up to our newsletter to stay in touch with our latest news. Weve put hours and hours and hours down there walking river bottoms. Graduation day is May 12 and since all four are walking with their colleges, they will be able to see each other graduate. Theres just no way it could take him., Ive hunted with him for two years beforehand, Miller continued. The lack of information about any of the cases is distressing for Waldron who continues searching for clues as to what might have happened to Englebert and whether theres any connection between his case and the others. Law enforcement is looking into that possibility. In 2019, he had a wife and a newborn son and was preparing to start a new job. Most people believe him to be dead, which has caused a firestorm of emotion. Chance Englebert, 25, grew up in Wyoming, a cowboy at heart. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Group Inc. | All Rights Reserved. She hates me. Wyoming News brought to you by locals for locals. One is the case of Chance Englebert, 25, of . Most of the time, its murder by someone known to the victim, but not always. Englebert, then 25, disappeared on July 6, 2019, during a trip to see his wife's family in Gering, Nebraska. He got in a fight with his in-laws and he was wanting to come back to Wyoming, to his house here in Moorcroft and needed a ride immediately, Miller said of this conversation with Englebert. Gering Police- Chance Englebert Case Remains Top Priority. During this announcement, officials also ask the public and business owners to turn in any surveillance footage they may have from 7:30 pm to around 11:00 pm on the evening of July 6. He is a native of Moorcroft, WY but went missing in Gering and/or Terrytown, NE. My first interview with her was probably a couple hours long. The last known person to speak with Chance was his friend Matt Miller around 8:46 pm. Chance and his wife Baylee traveled with their son from their home in Moorcroft, Wyoming to visit Baylee's grandparents in Gering, Nebraska for the weekend. She picked him up and drove them to her grandparents house in Gering. He got out of the car and started walking away. What really happened to Chance Englebert? This new reward money, reportedly from the Englebert family, carries a caveat that he must be found by his 30th birthday. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. See their comments under the podcast. Her text messages say she wants nothing to do with me, Engleberts mother says. Candles by Victoria: links to soy candles:10 oz Youre getting advice from everywhere. Shes (Baylees) always been very cooperative with me, very cordial, Eads said. This will not be the last time Chance would be seen on surveillance video that night. SUDDENLY, you are getting Death Threats from people accusing you of hiding something. The lead investigator from the Gering Police Department, Brian Eads, stated that there are currently no person(s) of interest, but law enforcement continues to receive tips, and they are investigating all of them. In the video, Englebert can be seen looking at his phone and then taking a 90-degree turn to the left, as if following a map. That friend was hours away from Gering and was not able to get there, so Englebert then started walking toward Torrington, about 35 miles away. She blames me for everything that happened with Chance.. In a statement posted on the Help Find Chance Englebert Facebook page, Englebert's mother Dawn told Cowboy State Daily on Wednesday morning that family members have been in contact with the Scotts Bluff County Sheriff's department and are waiting for the results of a DNA test, which could take a couple of weeks to process. He added it is likely the arm belongs to Patterson-Black given the location of the bone and the fact a piece of clothing found near it was reportedly a close match to the shirt Patterson-Black was last seen wearing. Look at this community. At this point, theres no evidence to suggest it did happen, Brian Eads with Gering police, a guest on NewsNation Prime, said Thursday. The second theory is that something bad happened to him, something criminal, perhaps. Something was initially detected, but then the search was over without cause. I dont think that at all. Partial Skeletal Remains Found (Approx. Baylee said. Its getting harder. Officials describe the clothing he is last known to have been wearing as a short sleeved 'Wrangler' shirt, 'Wrangler' jeans, roper boots, and a black and white "trucker" cap. Chance is seen for the last time on surveillance video near the intersection of Terry Boulevard and Stable Club Road in Terrytown, Nebraska. Common sense dictates they must know something. They were told they need to have an investigators license if they want to investigate. Unfortunately, some park visitors never leave. Two months after the disappearance of 25-year-old Wyoming father Chance Englebert, family and friends still don't have answers. Another belief is that Engleberts disappearance was no accident. A witness tells investigators that she sees Chance at around 7:49 pm walking past a Domino's Pizza restaurant on 10th Street in Gering. Englebert allegedly called back and told Miller he was walking to Torrington, 35 miles away. While at Baylees grandparents house, the couple allegedly got into an argument about him wanting to leave, causing Chance to walk off and ask a friend in Pine Haven to ask for a ride to Moorcroft. Though she couldnt divulge any of those leads or information at this time, Amanda Waldron, private investigator with the national non-profit We Help the Missing (WHTM), said that new witnesses have contacted her with information about the night of Engleberts disappearance. It would have been a different story. YOU are Baylee. Waldron is in the process of tracking these new leads down and encourages anyone with information to come forward. Typically, most cases are 5,000 piece puzzles but this one is more like a 10,000-piece.. Its been a real mess, but through it all, they say the focus is still on finding Chance. Matt is unable to pick him up at this time, so he begins calling friends to see if anyone can pick him up instead. Join. She picked him up but drove back to her grandparents house instead. 10:00 pm:Chance is seen for the last time on As of yesterday, 25-year-old Chance Englebert has been missing for 6 months. Sign the "FBI Needed for Chance Englebert Disappearance" petition to call the FBI to help in Chance's disappearance. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment . Officials release another image of Chance. We will complete the puzzle yet, and Chance will be where he belongs.. She also thinks there are other factors namely tensions and strained relationships in his marriage and family that might have accounted for Engleberts disappearance. He was last spotted on surveillance footage walking in downtown Gering on the 700 block of O Street, wearing Wrangler jeans, plaid shirt and a truckers cap. Multiple people have come forward, she said. I mean, theres a lot of hurt feelings out there, he said of the way things have (been) portrayed and misstated.. You have a new child. You are scared. All of the family members have been interviewed, Eads said. Miller says that he would love to have an hour sit down with Baylee. They just dont like the answers that I have to give. If she did this, she is the best murderer in the valley in the last 30 years. Well you seethe investigators wife is friends with her sisters family. One day, I pray someone in Baylees family is compelled to tell the truth. Unfortunately, he faced a fierce thunderstorm that night as well as some unexplained trouble en route and has never been found. 0. I would b standing yelling very loudly on top of a hill to God anyone who listen to help me@@ thats what I would do if I was her. Chance Englebert was born and raised on a ranch near Edgemont, South Dakota. After all the commotion now, I just want to know. Im gonna see if I can find you a ride. It was a text with a grumpy face emoji and a confusing mix of letters. What do you want? And I said what I want I cant buy. I see the video, him walking down the street on a surveillance camera and I replay that every day, thinking Im going to figure out where and why, but nothings coming., Brian Eads, the lead investigator on Engleberts case for the Gering police, says it is still very much an active investigation.We always try to treat things as a homicide until theyre proved otherwise, Eads said. Quite a stretch given the evidence we do have, which the police contend there is none. Their poor hearts. He said they have conducted search warrants and polygraph tests as they chased down leads. Englebert was a former rodeo star turned family man. Baylee is very upset about the encounter, and calls police to file a complaint against her. There are definitely some concerning circumstances, suspicious circumstances, random circumstances. IF she had anything to do with murdering her husband, why is she not in jail or listed as a suspect in the case? Before his phone is turned off, or the battery dies, Chance's phone pings for the last time from a cell tower near Riverview Golf Course, sometime between 9:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Chance Leslie Englebert Englebert, circa 2019 Missing Since 07/06/2019 Missing From Terrytown, Nebraska Classification Endangered Missing Sex Male Race White Date of Birth 12/03/1993 (29) Age 25 years old Height and Weight 5'11, 195 pounds brian patrick crosby,
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