Use 4-1 or 8-2 cav-LT templates to grind panzer leader (if 10/24 or more divs are tanks, youll grind panzer regardless of what div type does the attacking), Purposefully avoid grinding infantry and panzer (5-9 tank divs) so other traits grind faster, Have 250+ army XP to boost heavy 3s upon research, 100+ army XP to boost HSPAA3 upon research, Run war bonds twice while fighting Finland, start immediately upon declaration, Radek (-75 PP), Tukhachevsky, Navy and Air Force, Infrastructure 20w pure inf support AA, Stalin Bois 20w pure inf support engineers, AA, arty, Swamp 14-3-3 inf-art-AA, support engineers, AA, arty, maintenance, signal, Tanks mot/mech 12-7-2 and 11-8-2 HT-mot/mech-HSPAA, 11-7-1-2-Mod-mech-ModTD-ModSPAA. Your troops may also be running out of supplies. Found the internet! Check out today's epic new video to find out the. During your attack on the Axis, make use of your tanks by pushing deep into enemy territory and cutting off divisions, which allow you to encircle enemy troops, making your attack more efficient. You just need to build what you think is way too many divisions, then build more than that, then double that. What is the makeup of your army? Stalin's Severed Right Hand Ill keep you posted on the guides progress. When are you attacking (Don't attack near 1941, they're too strong then. If you wish to form a perimiter, draw a defensive line and assign division to it. That's it. Also make sure that you have enough supply. 2) Border forts work fine in 1941, yes, but hey, instead of each level 5 fort you can build a military factory somewhere in Siberia, right? Use medium/heavy armor divisions to punch holes through their lines adn to create encirclements. lol The fact that anyone would need a strategy game to beat brain-dead AI is hilarious. Hello and welcome back to another Hoi4! comrade General Crazy zombie give you a solid hints to win but I personally think AI is not soo smart so all you have to do is have big enough divisions to stop the AI and at that point AI just bleeds and when the time is right lunch your offensive into germany. I plan to do a future guide, giving tips on how to defeat Japan in Hearts of Iron IV. However, I use a somewhat different tactic to a lot of players, so the advice I provide may not be your cup of tea, but I have found it gets effective results, particularly against the Axis forces. All rights reserved. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Yeah, that would be good. Additionally, you should never build level ten land forts, as the AI will not attack them. Each one is dedicated to smashing the front. "You will not argue with, comment on or question the actions/authority/ or comments of the Paradox staff (Administrators, Moderators, etc.) You win by encircling and destroying divisions. Forts on both sides of a river are a nasty trick; casualties getting TO the river, even more in CROSSING it ! All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Having doomstacks of CAS can't hurt as long as you have enough fighters. For more information, please see our If you have air superiority, try strategic bombing, and use your divisions to push to important cities with many factory slots. For more guides onHearts of Iron IV, be sure to check out its game page. 22 . Please don't reply to a post that's dead for months. I had 4-5 24-division armies of 10infantry with support arty and engineers to hold the line of level 4 forts. Make sure to build enough fighters to defend your air zones. Hearts Of Iron IV: Soviet Union Guide Fellow comrade, you have been called to action to take command of the mighty Red Army. Vanilla german AI is just so powerful 300 divisions are not going to beat them, germany has 500 factories by 1941 and outproduces USA itself. Its pretty easy, i personally group up "panzer gruppes" and they will have about 8-15 divisons i will try to have 3. So, what are you waiting for? Add defenses along the Italian border (Try to get 10/10 defences all across the German and Italian borders) , then put your men on all that defensive ground. Wakey Jun 9, 2016 @ 4:17am. Hoi4: Soviet Union - Not One Step Back Achievement Bitt3rSteel 136K subscribers Join Subscribe 11K Share Save 459K views 1 year ago #NoStepBack #hoi4 #DLC #hoi4 #DLC #NoStepBack Check out. Playing my first HoI IV game (as Russia). As previously stated, I highly recommend that you go down the Positive Heroism side of the national focus tree, as you get access to Konstantin Rokossovsky, and lesser research times. With this, your divisions will simply progress immediately, seeing the Red Army waltz straight into Berlin. There is not as much river coverage if you do that, and you give up more IC. A more than a month old thread should rest in peace. Before you proceed your main attack, you need to ensure all of the Axis forces nations have their conscription policies on the highest possible. I tend to make a lot of Infantry with a good amount of support equipment, then some motorized and Light + Medium Tanks to back them up. Additionally, I have decided to go down the NKVD root, instead of the Rehabilitated Military, as the NKVD root gives divisions greater organisation, which is important for the military tactic I will explain later. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Armor is useful if you believe your division will not be pierceable with upgrades. For more information, please see our Basically, this. It took about a year and a half for me, launching in March 1941. Cookie Notice You are using an out of date browser. In 1940, the red army will still be lacking the numbers to defend all possible fronts effectively. Just to check are you playing as the Soviet Union? You are using an out of date browser. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Show that late game Germany can be dealt with, Repeatable strategy that can be used by anyone in single player, Win war and peace, get at least 90% of the spoils, Display novel defense in depth with lines of retreat based on perpendicular fallback lines, debate utility for multiplayer, Give Germany time to build up, nothing but defense until March 1943 (frontline AI shuffling into an attack with individual units doesnt count, no organized counter attacks), No forts, no nukes, no planes, no space marines, no medium tanks, no AT, no exploits, Win war in Spain, call to Axis-Soviet war immediately so they are annexed, Can full annex Finland, Can help China beat Japan, 0 ahistorical war goals, total mob only during Barb, Stalin Const, Socialist Realism, 5 Year Plan, Positive Heroism, Progress Cult, Socialist Science, Research Slot, No focus to get key designers, HT, industry, theorist. This guide is every major click you are going to need to make to set yourself up for the defense of Mother Russia. It's a gruelling slog but eventually the giant will fall. Check it out here. Specify when and how many. I think it must be something wrong with that, be it the fact I can't produce enough of those without running out of equipment or something along those lines. Oh yes, how could I forget? Think of it like defeating the ottomans in EU4, the objective is to dance around them and worm them into the most vunerable position rather than a head on confrontation which THEY want. But they will only stay fresh if you manage your supply carefully. And my research was all for aircraft experience (basically everything I could research in time to get my army in the best shape). I did too and won against soviets with 50k losses total i wouldve lost less but i was bored at the end and sent infantry in turkey where soviets had some troops in the mountains. Use armor or motorizied to push a hole 1-2 provencies wide and encircle parts of their army. Get as many divisions as you can I would say. The weakest path is communist one . Then I'd want to put 2-3+ 7/2 or 9/3 divs along each province and just bleed them dry at the border. I watched a video tutorial by Feedback Gaming (YouTube) where he waited for The Great Purge to complete and meanwhile built an army of cavalry (yeah, I kid you not) then swept through the Soviet Union. They will destroy their own equipment faster than your combined army ever could. In addition, this is one of the key reasons I recommend going down the Positive Heroism root, as you get access to the tank genius Konstantin Rokossovsky, which allows you to make better use of your tanks; by accepting the German-Soviet Research Treaty, you get access to research bonuses on medium tanks, which you must research as soon as possible! Although this may seem a bit odd, placing these land forts will mean the Axis forces will attack you with no luck. If you play multiplayer than ppl before me gave you a lot of good advices. If you allow it to become a war of attrition you aren't going to win against the Soviets. Attacking UDSSR as early as possible worked best for me in all of my three attempts so far. Also, attack weak spots where you can hit a province from multiple angles and preferably into open plains with no river crossings. War Economy (as soon as you can as world tension needs to be at a certain level), Konstantin Rokossovsky (do the rest of the military staff after the Great Purge). Fellow comrade, you have been called to action to take command of the mighty Red Army. Would recommend watching at 1.25 times speed.Part 2: Coming Jan 1/2022 (hopefully if I'm not too tired from new years eve) tend to stream around 8-9 pm est most days of the week. Try to get engi's and support artry - 6-7 infantry and a 1-2 plain artys in your division template, and the germans wont stand a chance #7 At that point your fresh troops can keep many times their number under control. ps there should be a general questions thread stickied or something. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. And thier infantry aren't that far behind at all the German. The best option for until divisions you as russia should get a strong backbone of 24-30width all infantry divisions (you have the manpower) they suck yes, but they are a great fallback or even front line. As stated previously in the guide, you should place a lot of emphasis on civilian factories. With 7 soldiers and 2 artillery for the infantry. 2. i form a line along the east side of a river stretching north and south in RUSSIA. 3) the Union is probably the most fun country to play, sure. 23. Be careful though if you build to higher level land forts, the forces will simply not attack, defeating the object of this strategy. More soft attack is always good, but pure infantry has very cost effective soft attack by themselves against the breakthrough of even the heaviest 14-4 assault infantry template. I have about 240 divisions on the Europe front, but for some reason my unlimited man power isn't draining the Reich's power. Tom, try 9 or 12 companies of infantry with Engineers and Recon as a base for defense division. Red air and other . Giving me time to build a of factories and conquer Japan and most of China. The billionaire founder of the aluminium company Rusal is one of the few Russian business leaders to have criticised the management of the economy at a time when the full-scale invasion of. 2) Playing a big bad Romania, with dividing Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and turning Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey into puppets. Hehe, I'm playing as Russia and can't beat Germany! 19 mils after conversion, 23 after Armament effort 4 support, 1 AA, 5 arty, 1 mot, 3 LT, 5-9 guns 1 15K guns to Spain, 20K guns to China + grinding divs, 70%+ equipped troops + fully trained 20widths by mid 1941, fully equipped Infra troops, Transition to mils sooner in MP where the Allies boost the Soviets, can go as low as 170 owned mils if you have 50+ exports, 230+ mils by end of 1941, 50+ on tanks, rest finishing infantry equipment 100-120 guns2, 15 arty2, 20 support, 25 AA2. Posted by 6 years ago. Which seems to drain German manpower in quick time. In my Soviet gameplay, i used the second option. It will stress your tungsten though. GE sounds great, show us the Kaiserine, and the HRE) Japan was always a bit too much micromanagement for me though, as with all island nations/ US, with all these naval invasions. Build forts along major rivers and at other terrain features and cities further inland, which will be powerful lines of defense once the Germans push you back that far. Is it a good idea to leave few titles to Axis so I could build my forts behind rivers? Hearts Of Iron IV: By Blood Alone Review: Planes and More! I found self propelled artillery to be particularly efficient against Russia - high soft attack and shouldnt face too much that can pierce it. You must ensure that you have air superiority so that the Axis forces do not break through your front line. Archived post. But i have lost campaign after campaign every single time when attempting to invade the USSR. 5) Boosting communism in France and the US as the Soviet Spain or the USSR, and then creating the communist juggernaut faction by 1941. If they dont cycle attack and drain their manpower, then pull some of your divisions off the front line and let them chew away. Novelties aside, the Soviet Union is one of the most entertaining nations to play as in Hearts of Iron IV. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It's not like soviet union can send all their men into the frontline there were a million men ready to defend against japan in Siberia they would not be called back until battle of moscow when it was clear japan was not going to attack. Prepare for a lot of micro creating breakthroughs and destroying pockets. 50 a 100? #1. in a public forum. They don't need to actually fall back. This is my 15th time trying. You can dig in very hard so soviets can't push you and then push forward with the planning bonus. I am proably on my 7th playthrough and still and incapable of breaking the frontlines. Like i cant even get 1 little territory every time i attack it says im winning at first and says the battle will last less than a day. Did you build a war factory by the age of 41? All you have to do is hold the line and watch them bleed equipment until most of their divisions are half-strength or less. Lost horrifically, Moscow and Stalingrad falls within a year. In addition, it is very important to note that you cannot leave the Great Purge to late, or else it will ignite a civil war, which allows you to bring Leon Trotsky back, which I will try and explain in a future guide. Overall, if you follow this procedure for your national focuses and political power spending, you cannot go wrong; you build up a formidable industry and have a modern army by the time the Axis invade you. So, here is a list of priorities for your research: This is where my military tactics come in. Please note, this guide focuses more so on the defeat of the Axis forces in Europe, and only touches very lightly on Japan. I build almost every time to lvl 10 and always a lose! 55K 2.4M views 4 months ago It's safe to say the Ukraine invasion isn't going the way Putin has planned but is it a total failure for Russia? They're now OP. I have put a decent amount of hours into hearts of iron IV. Isn't even 300 "a bit too much"? A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Line was broken through few times, however i somehow managed to push back. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Before the invasion I had maximum amount of forts and anti aircraft guns along the Soviet/German (once polish) border, 152 divisions all ready to attack. Contents 1 Geography 2 Events Khrushchev dabbled with Trotskyism in the past. Should you wish to do so you are directed to contact the Paradox staff via PM". I also like to rely on rivers and rough terrain when I'm expecting to get overrun; holding a river crossing is a crapload easier than holding a normal province, and you can fortify the handful of gaps between the otherwise very river-crossed border region you have with Poland and Germany. Fun Fact: If you switch to the Superior Firepower doctrine and install the unique Armor Genius advisor BEFORE you complete the Great Purge, he actually gets killed instead of the Mass Assault expert Tukhachevsky. Electronic Mechanical Engineering (do this part of the tree as you go on, as you get research deduction bonuses), Industry (concentrated industry and construction before anything else), Land Doctrine (superior firepower see next section for more details), Air Doctrine (operational integrity as it minimises your plane loss), Tanks (medium tanks as soon as possible, bonuses come from research treaty with Germany), Artillery (important for my recommended military strategy see next section for more details), Division equipment and different divisions (logistic company useful). SPG gun, reliability, armor is optional if you have extra XP, TD gun, reliability, armor is useful for making space marines with TDs but can be left off. I particularly like ideas 1 and 4 and will look into writing these at some point. Close. The second one is secret path of Romanovs. Built at least level 4 forts at the border. Privacy Policy. Oh and my 3rd game ever on hoi4 i played germany on veteran and still won without any trouble, 7inf+2art with superior firepower is too OP makes all games hyper easy. After 1941, youll have to add 3-4 artillery companies (and, preferably, 1 anti-tank company) to these divisions to actually make it to Berlin. Economy and production: its possiblle to start producing these tanks around 39 with research buffs.but all total u want about 200 units to hit russia on regualr difficulty. Don't make the mistake of placing too many units in an area or they WILL be worn down the same way as the AI. Alongside artillery, this is where your air force is particularly important. I had almost all my national focuses completed. Its real easy to stop them at the border. Russia is too weak before 1941. and you will be disapointed with fight and game overall. Garrison duty focuses your troops on defending ports and cities. Valve Corporation. Russia deploys at least 1,500 warheads on hundreds of missiles based from air, land, and sea platforms that can strike the entire U.S. homeland. 2019-09-04, 6:22 pm. Can upgrade reliability and armor if you have extra XP. Hey thanks , mostly approximately 140 160 divisions. I want to do a historical Soviet Union playthrough (no rushing Germany in 1936 through Poland), however, no matter what I do I never seem to have enough or strong enough divisions to defend against Barbarossa. I will explain what you should do during the Great Purge below. Here's how to reroll your account in Honkai: Star Rail, including a look at what the best characters to reroll for are. Once you get past the Great Purge, the Axis should be no bother at all particularly with my military tactic. (support,medic,reckon,engineer,radio as support.). So, when i am playing Soviets i usually take a defensive stance. I will not list every single one, but the ones I feel you should go for first. Thanks for the feedback! But, I do recommend building level five land forts on the southern part of the front-line, particularly around Romania, as the Axis sometimes break through. How many civilian factories do you have in 37 38 and 39 for example and around what time do you switch to militairy factories and how many do you build? Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. If America Joins Allies restart for obvious reasons. You can beat Germany quite easily as the Soviet union and some tips here were already really useful. Thank you for reading this and helping out!! I think when playing the Soviet Union in Hearts of Iron IV, its best to leave the Great Purge till a little bit later, as it essential to get some technology researched and a strong industry built up. I havent' played USSR in HOI4 much, but in HOI3 it was impossible to stop them at the border. I usually also build about 20 tank divisions, put half under command of Zhukov and the other under Konev to use them to break through and encircle the Germans. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. For Kaiserreich Id love to see a united Italy, or a successful Mittelafrika. This is so youre not totally unprepared when the Axis invaded you in 1941. Pregame I had civilian mode on and I even strengthened the Soviet Union pregame in custom settings. Hm, that seems like a good idea. Awesome post could use some similar guide for other nations! What is that last line doing? Even had France, UK and the allies on my side with non aggression pacts. I have played two games so far as the Soviet Union, and I cannot set up a defense against Germany. And heres a couple of additional options Ive stumbled upon in my later runs for the USSR: 1) Why not wipe out Poland as soon as you can fabricate a claim in 1937 (and why not have your Purge focus finished by that time)? Build up lvl 10 forts all along the front, might want to nuke hungary/romania to get their parts of the front as well. The Soviet Union (officially "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" or "USSR") is a major country and the leader of the Comintern faction. well ur pretty s**** on my first game i won against soviet. You seem a seasoned Soviet player: what templates do you recommend as the Soviets? 4) Conquering Benelux as far-right/ far-left Belgium or Netherlands, then fending off the Nazis until the US come to your help. If you know your divisions can be pierced despite upgrades, invest in engine instead of armor. 1941 is the turning point when they finish fielding and . Cookie Notice Youll need about 168-192 such divisions (7-8 armies) to cover your Western border alone, probably 2-3 more armies to cover Siberia against Japan. If you go infantry, get 120-150 7inf+2art divisions and make sure at the start of campaign to switch to superior firepower doctrine. Then add 2 points reliability and save XP for tanks. I have a lot of experience in the game however I just can't seem to find the hole in my strategy when it comes to defending. Here is some music for the destruction of the Axis. In terms of the order you should do your national focus tree, here is what I have found works best for me. So I'm playing the Soviets in Waking the Tiger and I'm pretty new to the game. Especially fun when demanding lands from Romania with the bottom-left focus and then siding with Italy as a mediator, attacking Romania, then starting a faction with co-belligerent Italy, and later fighting as a faction alongside Mussolini against Hitler! Viewed a. Once they are weak, just attack. Then Armament Effort when China starts, Railway Network when youve built all 60% slots on dispersed 2, No focus until Great Purge, Purge in May 1938, Top row War eco, civ construction, free trade, stability in order, Middle row Heavy tank design, industry design, generic military theorist, infantry design in order, Bottom row Army training time, tanks, concealment, recovery rate in order, Use infrastructure, mil->civ conversion, and research juggling to build large industry, 200+ owned civs in 1939 (after Finland and Baltics), prioritize high infra states behind Stalin Line, 230+ mils by Jun 1941, prioritize 40-50% infra states behind Stalin Line, Exceed German factory output by summer 1942, Liberal use of research juggling, electronics, industry, construction 2x, Heavy tank 3 in 1940, Moderns by 1943 with heavy tank designer, HSPG and ModSPG by 1943 with medium tank designer, Land doctrine complete by 1942 (SF right-left), 2 panzer experts, as many terrain traits and amubushers as possible. If you like to take your time you can also wait for late 1941 and research 41' medium tanks + mechanized infantry and make divisions of that only. Germany will most probably have better tech than you so they may pull off good barbarossa. So a diversionary attack in Ukraine will allow a successful, much larger push against Moscow. Please note, Ill be updating this onto current and new guides as well. 500 is safe. (same as infantry but no reckon but maintenance). By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. France was knocked out of the fight. Make sure I have about 1/4 of the infantry deployed behind the lines so they can move to reinforce the provinces the germans attack. Most Axis troops in 1941 will have a Piercing stat of around 5-10, and this means your infantrys armor will be absolutely inpenetrable for the Germans. I dont remember how many divisions i had, must have been around 80. I also play grand strategy games badly on Youtube. Additionally, please be sure to check out the France guide and let me know your thoughts ( However, if you build a considerable air force before 1941, focusing more so on fighters and close air support, you should be totally fine. Moreover, be sure to have your plans drawn up early, so your Generals can plan their attacks in plenty of time. You must lose the winter war to make peace with Soviets. Make sure you have air support working. This only holds line in 1941 against Germans when sitting in a level 4 to 7 fort, as per Jacks strategy above. It controls almost the entire northern third of Asia as well as the eastern edges of Europe. I would really appriciate some advice ! 85% of the Soviet armoured vehicle park on 1.1.1936 is missing from HoI4. Its pretty straightforward, but guarantees you an easier victory and minimal casualties, saving your manpower. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The plan was to rebuild the high seas fleet and focus for the next years on building the heaviest ships possible, battleships and battlecruisers were the sole production and the increased dockyards from naval rearmament helped great, chromium was not going to be an issue with a early Yugoslavia war. I'd actually just stack forts along the border - both the ones with Poland and the Baltics and the later longer one with Germany. How to Unlock Papal States in Hearts Of Iron IV, How To Launch A Naval Invasion In Hearts of Iron 4. Unfortunately whilst playing as the Soviet Union in Hearts of Iron IV, you have to deal with Stalins Great Purge. (Turn on Youtube subtitles for English subtitles)"To Serve Russia" (" ") is a modern military patriotic song of the Russian Federation. Build AA and radar on the borders as well. So I've started a couple of campaigns and then decided it was time to try out Germany. National Anthem of USSRWatch this video on YouTube For one, with the 1937 German tech treaty, you can actually have T54 modern armor researched in late 1941. Defend, push, defend, push and ups, here is Moscow Forgot to add. Lol there are alot of noobs on this post hahaha, beating soviets is easy no matter the date. Archived post. Youll need just 10K MArmor for 200 infantry divisions, and this will give your infantry a massive Armor stat boost, to 30-something. After 1941 it will look very grim as the war starts out due to the sheer number of Soviet divisions, but it will quickly get better. about three dogs: an American dog, and a Polish dog and a Russian dog. Is this worth it? Anyone know if this will be the new normal for conquering Russia or was it just a weird playthrough (Trosky etc). A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. Having 500 divisions by the beginning of the war is easily doable. Just go around them. and our Then, once you haVE 150+ divs you can Attack. Ive also released France Guide, Communist China Guide, The Netherlands Guide, and German Reich Guide. It is important to note that, that once enemy divisions start to break through your front line, it means only one thing defeat as your divisions will god onto tiles with no forts constructed on them. davis industries serial number lookup, york daily record obituaries,
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